Oimyakon place with realy really cold


Actully Yakuts is not coldest town at the world, but its som village with not so far from my home town is ICE HELL, let inroduce Oimyacon. Real Pole of COLD.

Where Oimyakon is?

Oimyakon is located in the East of Yakutia, the population of the village – 521 people.  The village is located at an altitude of about 750 meters above sea level. Also at Oimyakon at the winter is DAY hours is really short less than 3 hour per Day you can see the SUN. But at the summer with is only 2 mounth you can see the sun 21 hour a day, what means that night there is white, and at summer is no Night at ALL.


How about weahter\Climate?

Climate at Oimyakon is complex. On the climate impact of high latitude village (the sub-polar latitudes), a great distance from the Pacific ocean and continental climate), location at an altitude of 700 m above sea level (affects the altitude). Winter in the village flows the cold air, becouse is village located on basin.

The average temperature in Oymyakon and some other districts of Yakutia in January is around -47,0 °C, and sometimes fall below -50 C, making it the coldest place of Northern hemisphere, along with Greenland. Tense debate about settlements of Yakutia, Oimyakon or Verkhoyansk is going to be the Pole of cold of the Northern hemisphere. Officially the lowest recorded temperature in Oymyakon -67,7 °C, noted in 1933, and in the Verkhoyansk -67,8 °C, noted in 1892 (at this time in Oymyakon observations were not conducted). Unofficially, however, in 1924 by academician Sergey Obruchev in Oymyakon was recorded temperature of-71.2 °C. according to the Main geophysical Observatory in Oymyakon absolute annual minima lower than in Verkhoyansk average by 3.5 °C. Thus, officially registered at least in the Verkhoyansk in 0.1 C lower than in Oymyakon, but in those years in the last observations were not conducted, and it is likely that there at this time temperatures were lower.
At the moment the authorities of Yakutia have decided the dispute in favor of the Verkhoyansk, but the question remains open.


You should clarify a designated meteorological observations. Regular weather observation conducted in the airport Oimyakon, which is 40 km from the village and 2 km from the village Tomtor. However, when people talk about minimal temperatures, always use the name of the Oymyakon village.
Apart from the extreme cold of the winter, in summer it happens that the temperature higher than 30 degrees. Oimyakon on difference in absolute maxima and minima has a temperature of about a hundred degrees, ranking the first place in the world.

There are also data according to which in 1938 in the village was registered temperature -77,8 °C. On this basis it is concluded that the Oimyakon, while bringing to the same height above sea level, is the coldest place on the planet.

on July 28, 2010 in the village of Oymyakon was recorded record heat (as well as monthly and absolute). The weather been warmed up to 34.6 °C.

On the Antarctic station «Vostok» and was recorded the lowest temperature, but the station is located at a height of 3488 m above sea level, and, to give both temperature indicator for sea level, absolute champion will be declared the Oymyakon.