Yakuts my Home Town

Yakuts my town
Yakuts my town

Yakutsk is the capital of the Sakha Republic, and also the largest city, which located in pole of cold. Yakutsk, located on the left side of Lena river at Tuymaada Valley, and with is one of the important port.
It should alsom mentioned that Yakutsk is the ancient town at Siberia, which began his history since 1632.
The yakuts have hard weather condition, the temperature can reach up to -70 ceslius at winter. While the winter continued for eight months, what meants that only that small number of tie you can see here Summenr, pring and autum. Snow begin to melt only by the end of April. However, when it’s summer, temperatures can also be consider as extrime one and, reaching sometimes +38. The difference between the temperature exceeds 102 that what is impossible anywhere at the earth!


Also i want notice that Yakutia  located in three time zones. According the national population checking, the total population of the Sakha Republic for the year 2002 is about 950 thousand people.
Since the early 1990s, most of residents from rural area migrate from regions  in to Yakutsk, which is more comfortable for living compare with other small town at Sakha republick. Later, from 21st centurymigration of people from the countries of Central Asia, and China is happen. And since this days population of Yakutsk starts to grow fast.
Yakutsk is the administrative and cultural-aesthetic center of the region. The main industries are fuel-energy, food processing, diamond cutting industry, industry of building materials, metal, timber, mining, and many others.
Also in Yakutsk is actively developing trade, business and entrepreneurship, which is the basis of the urban economy. A huge number of able-bodied citizens and undocumented migrants working in the sphere of trade and services.

Yakuts my town
Yakuts my town

The city has several markets, shopping centers and many shops. In the commercial sphere presents the service stations, cafes, hairdressers, construction and transportation companyes, etc.
The town has a well developed sports field. There are modern ice Palace, stadium, sports Palace, sports complexes and sports facilities. The city have a mini-football club «Zarya», which occupies a leading position in the Premier League.
Beginning with the 2011 football club «Yakutia» leaves on a professional level and becomes a party to the second division championship of Russia on football that is dovolno significant event for Yakutsk.
It should be noted that in 2007 there was held a championship Rossii Boxing, mini-football and wrestling.