Almost one year i working at china

It little bit offensive but

I’m working at china more than one year, and work here is pretty complicated, its not hard but complicated. I do SEO, SEM and SMM, but at the end i also suppose to do job of project manager, with of cause bring me new experience, but if you have deal with Russian, Filipino, Malay, Singapore, Thai or European its always easy, you give task time and money, they do their job. But at china its totally different. Specially if you have deal with Chinese from mainland.

work at china
work at china

Of course working with Honkong or Macao people is easy, but people from mainland mostly kinda brainwashed, if man still ok, chinise womens is mostly typical housewife, who dont want get any responsibility, and scare  to making step right or left from their small world and rules. Of course its some difference such Zoe Ho, who is really professional and from whom i learn allot about how to be more organized. But of course mans at china also have bad side most of them self-fish and smart-ass. But of course its also allot of nice guys such Daniel, Wan or Alex.

It little bit offensive but
It little bit offensive but

And as the proof i will send history of my conversion with on of my colleague true the skype.

[17:54:52] Goroohen: Hi, can you say with code of pixel we install to our site?
[17:56:18] Chinese colleague: last time you said, if we have sql, the xml report is ok
[17:56:28] Chinese colleague: yes, we have the sql
[17:57:04] Chinese colleague: so telling me how to add the xml is ok
[17:57:19] Chinese colleague: I mean, the steps
[17:57:43] Chinese colleague: then I can prepare a requestment document for the tech dept
[17:57:57] Chinese colleague: and let them help us to add ,that’s all
[17:58:18] Chinese colleague: if you have further questions about the xml, pls also tell me,
[17:58:35] Chinese colleague: I will help to figure out
[17:59:50] Goroohen: Ok, that why i asking, with type of pixel we use, becouse i want confirm all steps
[18:01:50] Chinese colleague: then tell me your questions
[18:02:29] Goroohen: with code of pixel we use at this moment (with one we instal to our site)
[18:02:51] Goroohen: it third time when i asking this qustion :)
[18:07:20] Chinese colleague: sorry for your third time, and sorry I don’t quiet understand your question, can you give me full description of the question, it is better for me to translate and make them clear understand
[18:08:23] Goroohen: ahah, ok :) i will try to ask it really clear :) like step by step
[18:09:08] Goroohen: We already instal Pixel code to our site right?
[18:09:54] Goroohen: Do you know the code of that pixel, with we install to our site( Link to our shop)?
[18:10:25] Chinese colleague: it is same with (link to our shop)
[18:12:02] Goroohen: but, do you know the code? i asking about CODE
[18:14:22] Chinese colleague: I guess you already have them

At the end she send me two type of codes. But with one we put into our site, still secret for me Oo